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Healing Ministry

Healing Ministry

“He sent them to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal  the diseases” (Lk 9/2)

Likewise,  charity sisters through their service for the destitute  make the suffering men experience the healing touch of the Divine hand of the Lord. Along with   medical care they experance Christ’s compassion and love.

.      We encourage the sick to offer their suffering in communion with the crucifix for the redemption of the world. St. Vincent has instructed :" O my daughters, how to that is : - by servring the poor, we serve Jesus Christ. A sister will go and visit the poor ten  times a day, and ten times a day she will find God there''

     According to the desire and dream of the Founder, the  Servant of God  Fr. Augustine John Ukken, we take special care to  help and serve the sick, who are helpless and abandoned in their homes.