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CSC Generalate

CSC Generalate

In this conflicting modern world , a glittering heart is needed for Jesus to lead  all others through thre right path. Thus, Venerable Father Augustine John Ukken was such a person who ablazed for the thirst of souls. after having received the advise from the beloved father heartily, sisters were excited to go out to the world wherever God wanted them, With prudence to spread the compassionate and tender love of Jesus. Having understood the needs of time, the then Superior General submitted an application to the Bishop of Thrissur Diocese to start a house in Kolazhy Panchayath inorder to enter and unfurl the gleam of hope in the lives of the weaker sections of the society. The large hearted Bishop Mar Joseph Kundukulam, who always takes, the side of the poor and work hard  for their up bringing, accepted the desire of the sisters and allowed them to build a house there on 20th March 1976 to keep a breast the peace and harmony through their incessant mission activities in that community. For this, on 26.03 .1976, 60.59 R  land was purchased from Paul Erinjery and his wife Seena, Son of Ouseph, on 16.07.1977  Bishop Mar Joseph Kundukulam layee the foundation stone of the house under the leadership of Mother Grace who always clings to the providence of God in all initiatives, started the work after confronting all the obstucles and difficulties one by one. According to 1973 by command, Rt.Rev.Bishop granted to change the Generalate from St. Augustine Convent Kokkalai to Maria Bahvan Kolazhy on 11.10.1978 to lead and workhard for the comprehensive progress of each community and each people. 

The blessing of the Generalate took place on 13.10.1978 by Rev.Bishops Mar Joseph Kundukulam and Mar James Pazhayattil. It was established as a result of  the blessing and the hard work of the sisters and it stood up as the headquarters of the Congregation of the Sisters odf Charity. This house still stand today through administration and mission activities. Maria Bhavan Generalate has led many to the depth's of God's love through different service sectors like formation of the Formees, catechism, uplift family services,.

Rev.Mothers Vincensa, Sartho, Janet, Seela, Asha and Lucina were the succeeding Superior General soon after Rev.Mother Grace, Superior General. 

Current office bearers of Maria Bhavan Generalate, Kolazhy are the following:- 

Rev.Mother Rincy CSC  ( Superior General ) 

Rev Sr. Shelty CSC  ( Vicar General ) 

Rev Sr Jophy CSC (  General  Councillor ) 

Rev.Sr Meritta CSC ( General Councillor ) 

Rev Sr Gildas CSC ( General Coucillor) 

Rev. Sr Dhanya CSC (Auditor General ) 

Rev Sr Siji Poovely CSC ( Secretary General )

Charity sisters are the ones who take care of many to lead towards the daring activity spheres depending upon God and retaining the dedication and love by firmly footing in the spiritual and divine blessing.




Maria Bhavan Generalate
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